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IWA High Bars Grips 470
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IWA-Men's High Bars Grips (Art.470)
EGP 1750

Product Details

IWA High Bars Grips for Men. Made in Germany

Made of special leather, 3 holes with a small, flexible soft red dowel for a better finger feeling and a flexible velcro webbing system.


The grips must be worn always between the first and the second phalanx.

For safe and proper usage, in the interest of avoiding accidents and for maximum performance - you must read the instructions carefully.

The grips need to be inspected prior to each use for any wear out of leather and Velcro.

Please use only the correct size.

If the holes are too small, you can enlarge them with sandpaper. Don't use any cutting tools.

Don't cut the dowel of the grips! The leather can expand and it will be a risk of an accident

Don't use water, the leather will be hard and can tear

Wrong use of the grips may lead to blockade at the horizontal bar.

The blockade will lead to an abrupt fixation of the wrist and serious accidents.

Possible causes of injury include:

  • Loosening of hand protection during exercise
  • Construction of granular magnesium deposits on the horizontal bar.
  • Changing the fixation of the anterior phalanges of the leather. 
  • Stretching of the leather.
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